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Prisoner spends nine months unable to see a doctor

Página Siete 10/09/16

Apolo Case

Juan Bascopé, a prisoner in San Pedro and accused for the Apolo case, reported that he has spent over nine months asking for permission to the judges to receive specialist medical treatment, but until now has received no reply.

“The judges reject my petition every time, and in the same courts they deny it, they say that the judge isn’t here, and my situation is unsustainable, I feel strong pains in my head, thorax and hands, I need specialist medical attention”, he expressed from behind bars.

Bascopé was detained by the police on the 17th of July 2014. On multiple occasions he has said the names of those uniformed persons who tortured him. The lesions were corroborated by the Institution of Prevention against Torture (ITEI).

The leading beekeeper faces charges for the murder of two soldiers, a police officer and a doctor in October 2013 in Apolo (La Paz), during a raid to eradicate illegal coca. Bascopé is the only one detained for this case, the rest were freed.

The last time he saw a doctor was in November 2015 when he received treatment to survive the tortures that they submitted him to.

The beekeeper is undertaking a case of torture against the state that “has obstructed by the action of the prosecution and the police that threatened my witness not to testify”


Amnesty International already has addressed a note to the General District Attorney, Ramiro Guerrero, in order to know what actions have been taken to address Bascopé’s complaint of torture.

Source: http://www.paginasiete.bo/

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