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The ITEI logo is inspired by the testimonials we gathered from those affected by repression, torture and exile both during dictatorships and under constitutionally elected governments. Many recount that these experiences, however horrific they might have been, did not sway their political convictions, and some even said that their beliefs were strengthened.logo_itei
Therefore the figure of the person behind bars in an almost fetal position has the power to stand up in front of the sun which gives heat, light and symbolises vitality.
Without a doubt living with a traumatic event such as torture is one of the hardest things that person has to face, especially given the devastating after effects of such an experience. However, some resist with unexpected strength and emerge psychologically unscathed or with minimal damage.
ITEI began its work gathering testimonies from those affected and listening to their stories, and we have witnessed the capacity of the human being to face traumatic experiences and sometimes even reap benefits from them.



Bayro Corrochano, Mauricio (Cochabamba, Bolivia , 1957) 
MauricioBayroMauricio Bayro Corrochano holds a BA in Architecture from the Autonomous University of Mexico (1978-1982 ). He studied film and photography at the National School of Anthropology and History of Mexico 
(1982). Served as head teacher of drawing and graphic expression of the Faculty of Architecture, UNAM , Mexico (1982). He also supplemented his training by attending special workshops. He has exhibited his work individually in Mexico since 1982 and in Bolivia since 1985 . Armando Soriano Badani commented that: ” His [Corrochano’s]figures are anecdotal situations where an expressionist accent beats social tension communicative expressiveness. In developing his themes linked to our environment , a subtle pulse beats censure and criticism approach that transcends social reasons.”
AWARDS : Bayro Corrochano has received: Mention in the 2nd Mexican Cartoon Contest history for ‘ Coca ‘ (1981), Honorable Mention in mural painting at the Biennale III Pucara (LP , 1985), Special Mention Drawing Recovery ( LP, 1987) , First Prize Painting Competition ‘El Che in Bolivia ‘ (1996 ) . Ref – M. Bailey, “I got on the train painting … ” Presence / Door, 6/11/1989 , 4-5 ; Soriano, Contemporary Painters , 1993 , 51 , Claudia Gonzalez, ” M. B. , ironic and rebellious ” Press / Oh , 02.01.2005 , 2-3 ; Emusa Cat , 181 and 280, 1983 and 1987 ; Art Bolivia , LR , September 2009 , 140
Source : Bolivian Cultural Dictionary