About Us

The Institute of Therapy and Investigation (ITEI) is a Human Rights and Mental Health NGO which offers support in the rehabilitation of people who have been affected by torture and other forms of state violence.

ITEI is a multidisciplinary institution devoted to the attention of people affected, directly or indirectly by torture and state violence, through processes which facilitate their rehabilitation. ITEI offers psychological, medical and legal attention to people affected by torture, their families and communities.
ITEI not only supports those affected in their rehabilitation, but also through training and research strengthens awareness of the psychosocial consequences of state violence on an individual and collective level.
Our head office is in La Paz, Bolivia and we are the only organisation in the country which supports the rehabilitation of people who have been affected by torture.
In Bolivia we have created with the support of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights the ‘Coalition against Torture’, of which we are Technical Secretariat. On an international level, we belong to the Latin-American Network of Institutions against Torture, Impunity and Other Human Rights Violations. We are part of and collaborate with the World Anti-Torture Organisation (OMCT), and the World Council of the International Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims (IRCT).


ITEI’s work is based on a socio-political commitment embodied in the construction of a fair and equal society that shows respect for human dignity. ITEI aims to raise awareness of the consequences of torture and other forms of state violence and their compensation, helping to construct socio-historical memory in order to contribute to the eradication of these practices in Bolivia.


To accompany persons affected by torture and state violence in a process of comprehensive rehabilitation, extending this work to the family and community. To investigate and denounce state violence, its causes, motivations, resources, as well as its consequences (both individual and collective). To prepare multidisciplinary teams to assist people affected by torture and state violence. To educate populations affected by political repression in Human Rights and Mental Health.

History of ITEI

    15 YEARS AGAINST TORTURE In 2016 we proudly celebrate 15 years of work in the fight against torture and state violence. We have now spent 15 years providing medical, psychological and legal support to victims, and have taken significant steps to inspire a system to prevent further torture. CREATION AND INAUGURATION OF ITEI  …

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MEANING BEHIND ITEI’S LOGO The ITEI logo is inspired by the testimonials we gathered from those affected by repression, torture and exile both during dictatorships and under constitutionally elected governments. Many recount that these experiences, however horrific they might have been, did not sway their political convictions, and some even said that their beliefs were …

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Awards: The important work that ITEI does has been recognised by various organisations including: La Defensoría del Pueblo, the municipal government of Achacachi, the National Confederation of Pensioners and Landlords, and UMSA (the University of La Paz). Here you can see the awards that ITEI has received during our 15 years of work. They illustrate …

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