How We Work

What We Do

The support provided by ITEI can be split into the three distinct disciplines of medicine, law and psychology. This means that the victims receive a range of thorough and professional care.

Where We Work

  • In our La Paz offices
  • In penitentiary facilities
  • In the Feminine Orientation Centre (COF) of Obrajes
  • In the Women’s Prison of Miraflores
  • In the men’s prison of San Pedro
  • In places where social conflict occurs

ITEI in numbers:

Since 2001, ITEI has attended to over 2000 people in the offices in La Paz and Cochabamba (closed in 2015) and in penitentiary centres of both cities. ITEI has also intervened in tragic events where repression and torture has occurred, such as during February and October 2003, 24th May in Sucre, 11th September 2008 in Pando and April 2008 in El Alto Parapetí.


Cases of torture and abuses treated:

Year Women Men
2013 194 412
2014 366 420


Number of cases where the family environment was also affected:

Year Women Men
2013 68 101
2014 66 115


We provide (for free):

  • Medical Attention

  • Psychological Attention

  • Judicial Support

  • Social Support in cases of extreme necessity