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Sep 05

Seminar on the Istanbul Protocol

ITEI invites you to join us for a seminar on the Istanbul Protocol: what is it, and how can its correct implimentation help to prevent torture? It will take place this Wednesday 7th September. You can read the full details on the flier below:


Aug 24

Lecture Series Continues

Our series of seminars continues this week with a lecture on the topic of Genocide, Torture, Extrajudicial Executions, Dissapearance of detainees, Psycho-social kidnappings and how trauma can be transmitted between generations. The next lecture will take place at 18.30 on Thursday 25th August in the “Julio Tumiri” Auditorium, Human Rights House, Av. 6 de Agosto.

You can read the full leaflet in PDF form here. It contains more information about the series of seminars as well as some first hand victim testimonies (unfortunately only available in Spanish).
You can also see below some photos from last week´s seminar: IMG_0761 editIMG_0758 edit







Aug 18

Series of Seminars

ITEI along with 4 of its partner organisations will be hosting a series of seminars over the next 4 weeks. They are all related to the theme of police violence and offer the oppotunity to think and discuss how we should remember our history as well as the opportunity to ask questions to those involved.



18th August: The police and state violence
25th August: Genocide, torture, executions, extraditions, arrests, kidnappings, social issues and inter-generational torture trauma
1st Sept: Exploitation of justice, persecution, imprisonment and exile
8th Sept: Real history vs official history, a committee in search of the truth
For full details on how to attend please see the poster or follow the link below to read the full press release (in Spanish).

Ciclo de Seminarios

Jul 01

Discussion Forum: Torture Prevention Mechanism

On the 30th of June the Coalition (of which ITEI is one part) organized a discussion forum about an Anti-Torture Prevention Mechanism in Commemoration of the UN International Day for the Support of Torture Victims (26th June). The aim was to establish a National Torture Prevention Mechanism.

DSC_0524 Small

DSC_0586 Small









The Coalition Against Torture includes the following Organizations:

  • Institute for Therapy and Investigation regarding the Consequences of Torture and State Violence (ITEI)
  • Caritas Bolivia
  • Community of Human Rights
  • Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia
  • Bolivian Head of Human Rights of Bolivia
  • Catholic Pastoral Assembly of Bolivia
  • Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of La Paz
  • Bolivian Society of Forensic Sciences
  • Formation and Cityrights

Together with the Torture Prevention Service (SEPRET) and it’s representative Álvaro Guzmán as well as the Town Defensory (Defensoria del Pueblo), the Coaltion initi
ated a dialog about the governments obligation to establish a National Mechanism of Torture Prevention. The Bolivian government signed and ratified this in 2014. More recently, the Coalition reminded the government that it had not fulfilled its self-imposed commitment, and therefore set out a series of actions that the government should follow in order to meet their targets.

The Coalition offered its support with professional experience and expertise. Furthermore it expressed the fundamental work that had already been done and the progress which
had been made in ensuring continuing professional cooperation.

The discussion forum illustrated the continuing dialog between the Coalition and the Service for Torture Prevention (SEPRET) as well as the importance of this mechanism of communication.

Follow the link below to see the full declaration of the aims of the Coalition:

You can see the programme for the event by following the link below:

Jun 29

The Coalition Against Torture – Newspaper Article

ITEI is featured in a Página Siete article for its role as part of the Coalition Against Torture in dennouncing the government´s fulfillment of the National Mechanism for Torture Prevention

Demand for Creating an Entity for Torture Prevention

Página Siete / La Paz         Wednesday, 29-06-2016

DSC_0506 SmallHuman rights organisations have today informed the government that it did not fulfill its duties to establish a National Mechanism for Torture Prevention. This lack of action as a result has an impact on the existing commitments and pledges that the government made to the Coalition Against Torture.

On the 28th of October 2014 the Bolivian government enacted and confirmed it’s duty to establish an independent, financial, sustainable, effective and impartial functioning mechanism against torture.

“Nonetheless, until this very day the government has not fulfilled it’s self imposed obligation, even though this obligation is an urgent neccessity for our country. The perpetual use of torture, mistreatment and other inhuman, cruel and demoting forms of pain inflicting methods, are routine and seen as legitimate within the police and the armed forces.” – noted the Coalition.

This entity (the coalition) consists of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights (APDHB), the Community of Human Rights, the Bolivian Head of Human Rights, the APDH of La Paz, the Bolivian Society of Forensic Sciences and the Institute for Therapy and Investigation (ITEI).

“Torture, as a method of punishment and intimidation, not only exists among the armed forces and the police, but also within the urban and rural population, to whom the psychological suffering is not known. As well as this, the perpertrator is indifferent to the possible outcomes of torture.” – adds the document sent by the Coalition to the government.

Furthermore, the document goes on to denounce torture and to claim that torture and ill treatment are being used for “investigation and confession purposes that follow a system which lacks competent political, juristic and forensic investigation, impartiality as well as adequate financial means, infrastructure and an instrument of investigation.”

The Coalition further adds that the National Mechanism for Torture Prevention should include the “denunciation of torture cases, the monitoring of these cases and the work with the Bolivian police as well as juristic operators and armed forces, so as to instill respect of the Anti-Torture Convention, which Bolivia ratified.”

Jun 27

Peaceful Demonstration in Conmemoration of the UN International Day for the Support of Torture Vicitims

On the 26th of June the ITEI organized a peaceful demonstration in conmemoration of UN’s International Day for the Support of Torture Victims at the Sunday market in el Prado, the very heart of La Paz.

Masked teenagers carried huge white posters with various testimonies of victims of torture or state violence and marched in silence and making occassional stops, for example at the exhibition booth where they gave pedestrians the chance to ask questions, get informed and to show reaction.

“The aim of this action was to create public awareness of the perpetual torture and other inhuman forms of state executed violence, in order to break the silence and avoid such practices in the future.” – Emma Bolshia Bravo Cladera (coordinator of the ITEI).

  • Declaration: 

Follow the link below to view the full PDF declaration which outlines the aims of the UN´s International Day in Support of Victims of Torture and the national mechanism for torture prevention.


  • Witness Testimonies

Follow the link below to view the full PDF of first-hand testimonies from those who have suffered state violence and torture.

First-Hand Testimonies


Jun 27

How Can We Eliminate Torture?

On the 26th of June 2016 the ITEI set up an information booth at the market in el Prado (the centre of La Paz), in order to generate public awareness of the state violence and torture. The ITEI event coincided with the anniversay of the Bolivian Police who were also holding various events.

Apart from holding a peaceful march (see the full article here: UN Demonstration) the ITEI collected responses to the question: “How can we eliminate torture?” and made people think about this urgent topic.

You can see some of the responses below:

May 01

(Español) Tortura y malos tratos, segunda vulneración de derechos más denunciada en Bolivia

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

Mar 27

(Español) Denuncian que fiscal interfiere en avance sobre tortura en caso Apolo

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

Mar 26

(Español) Denuncian que un fiscal interfiere en el avance de la investigación sobre tortura en el caso Apolo

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

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