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Oct 24

(Español) Globalización económica y flujos migratorios femeninos del sur al norte. Latinoamericanas “ilegalizadas en Suiza”

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May 31

(Español) Informe Los Sin Techo Oruro 2006

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Jun 19

(Español) Tortura en octubre 2003

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Jun 10

From Humiliation to Complaint

libro-de-la-humillacion-a-la-denunciaFor this second issue has focused ITEI events in Sucre on May 24, 2008, featuring the Interagency Committee Sucre against the peasants and farmers who went to Sucre to receive from the President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Sr . Evo Morales Ayma, ambulances for their communities. The book is multidisciplinary in nature, given the historical context, takes an anthropological analysis of this racism, the significance of burning Whipala and ponchos, shows the psychological intervention, psychotherapy, medical and legal level and the aftermath psychosocial individually and collectively, and publishes the testimonies of people affected.

Libro de la humillación a la denuncia

Jun 09

The repression of the “March for Survival”

libro-de-la-represion-de-la-marcha-por-la-sobrevivenciaIn this first issue has focused ITEI repression of the march for survival in January 2003, starring retired, retirees and annuitants of Bolivia, to show this historical passage the constant concealment of violence by the repressive forces of State act which constitutes a flagrant violation of human rights, above international treaties.
The book contextualizes the development of walking as part of the contradictions of the neoliberal system showing increased state violence “democracy” by force to impose measures such as the privatization of social security, to the detriment of the interests of the majority.

Jun 09

The effects of torture and State Violence

libro-de-las-secuelas-de-la-tortura-y-la-violencia-estatalThis edition is the publication of the Proceedings of the First International Symposium Legal, Therapeutic and Preventive Sequels delas on Torture and State Violence, held from 4 to June 18, 1999, in La Paz, Bolivia. Collect the different presentations of the invited speakers, the conclusions of the working groups and discussions, as well as the valuable collaboration of all participants. Memory is a key factor in the identity of the community. She is, shatters, reassembled, can be maintained, requested or left blank but remains present. The report concerns the survival or transmission of the lived.